Friday, February 22, 2008

Pretty Spring Purse

So I have had this tutorial printed for months and I finally got it together and decided to make a cute purse. I change purses all the time and I was getting frustrated that none we really working out so I finally realized I need to make one. Plus I have such a purse fetish I might as well be able to make my own or I would be tempted to spend a fortune. I developed the pattern myself and I plan on posting it as soon as I make another one which I promise will be soon. They whip up so quickly I was amazed and there is no complicated sewing just straight lines. It really couldn't be simpler. Here's a pic I hope you love it.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Coloring activity

Crayon holder & activity book

So this is a project that I completed this morning to use for church today and I am so happy with the results. My friend found a link to make this roll up crayon holder, I am adding the link above but will making more with a slight alteration to the pattern because I want it to be slightly larger because I want it to carry the larger sized crayons. Where the pattern directs you to cut 2 pieces of fabric 11x5 inches, I recommend cutting them 11x6 inches. Then on the felt piece cut it 11x 4 inches instead of 11x3 otherwise the instructions are the same this will just give you a slightly larger crayon holder. In addition to the crayon holder I printed some pictures of Transformers and some gospel related pictures and had them laminated. I then trimmed those down and put them on a key ring with some cute ribbon. Lastly, I added a piece of felt so that my son could wipe off the pictures and color them over and over again and everything stays together. To add the felt cloth put an eyelet in it so that it doesn't tear and add it to the key ring. This worked like a charm we had such a nice quiet Sacrament meeting. I will gradually add more pictures to keep it interesting. Just the paste this link into your web browser to get the full instructions and then make either size according to your preference.