Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well I am constantly on the lookout for theme ideas and spring and Easter are easy! I made these egg shaped soaps they are lightly scented and I tinted them to look sort of like robin's eggs. Then I used brown and cream colored crinkly paper to look like a nest and packaged them in cellophane bags tied with raffia. I am using them at Nordstrom which is my main store right now for work (fragrance rep). I am really happy with how they turned out. I will probably drop a couple off for my friends too. Here are the basic supplies needed and steps:

White glycerin melt and pour soap block
plastic microwave safe container
blue soap coloring
green soap coloring
desired soap scent
egg shaped mold, I used a plastic deviled egg serving tray that I got at Joann's they are on sale right now
baking pan spray (like PAM) to help your soaps release

break up your block to the amount you want to work with. Heat in microwave for about 30 seconds and then 15-30 seconds intervals after that until melted. Add blue coloring and green coloring and stir until desired color is achieved. Add soap scent.
Pour into the mold that has been lightly sprayed with pan spray. Let soaps cure about an hour so they are really hard. Pop out or use a thin knife to loosen around the sides and then pop out.

Package as desired.