Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Decorative Canvas

This is an example of a fun way to incorporate photos and scrapbooking into your decor. I took a 12x12 inch canvas, painted the edges with acrylic paint and gave it a crackle effect. Then I added scrapbook paper that worked with my theme and decor and added photos and embellishments. This is a great way to fill up your wall space and display those precious photos.

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The Duckworth Family said...

Hey Thanks for all the fun ideas on your blog! Taking the time to take pictures of your projects let alone posting them is hard so it's fun to see someone passionate enough about it to do it! I always appreciate new ideas. I'm sure you already have someone that does this as it was the first time I have seen your blog, but I love creating (not as a business but just for fun) headers for blogs. I have been learning photo shop and it's just a way for me to play around and learn new tools. If you would be interested, I would love to do one for you! Thanks again for all your fun ideas.
Camille DUckworth