Thursday, January 24, 2008

Key holder

This is a project that was a Christmas present for my Mom's office. I took a large piece of wood 3/4 inches thick, sorry I forgot the other dimensions but you can size it to your needs. I painted it a nice neutral color and then added a sort of photo collage. I varied the sizes on the photos for interest but a row of all the same size could be really cute too especially if it's the same subject matter or event. I used antique looking mug hooks that have a threaded end, you will want to predrill the holes for those. Then I used the sawthooth hangers on the back. Since my piece was fairly large I used two so that it would be balanced and secure to the wall. Lastly I found this really pretty ribbon. It was somewhat sheer and then had fibers running through it of complimentary colors, so it had a little texture too. I added the keys for a decorative touch. I'm thinking of making one for my bedroom that uses some of my cute vintage clip art instead of photos and slightly bigger hooks so that I can hang purses from it. Maybe you'll see it in a future post...

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